SVS 2016, June 24-27

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Riders’ Status as of June 20, 2016







Nikolay SURCHEV Bulgaria OK  


Lazar VLADISLAVOV Bulgaria OK  


Stefan BAHAROV Bulgaria OK  


Tsvetan BLIZNAKOV Bulgaria Entry  


Adrian KRUMOV Bulgaria OK  


Georgi ANGELOV Bulgaria OK  


Kamen PASKALEV Bulgaria OK  


Taras TRUSH Ukraine OK  


Rumen YORDANOV  Bulgaria OK   


Borislav KOZAREV Bulgaria OK   


Margarita SERAFIMOVA Bulgaria  OK   


Petya RADEVA  Bulgaria OK   


Bilyana GEORGIEVA  Bulgaria OK   


Tsanko DIMITROV  Bulgaria OK   


Kalin KRASTEV Bulgaria OK   


Sergey FEDYUSHIN  Russia OK   




Ievgen KUTSENKO Ukraine OK  


Stanislav VIDEV Bulgaria OK  


Stefan TODOROV Bulgaria OK  


Kurt KRENHUBER Austria OK  


Plamen PANTALEEV Bulgaria OK  


Nedko STANEV Bulgaria OK  


Rumen MITREV Bulgaria OK  


Parvan KOSTADINOV Bulgaria OK  


Kostas DELIGEORGIS Greece OK  


Entry = Entry form sent

OK = 100% Registered! (payment or scheduled travel plan)


  1. General

1- The Regulations promulgated by Audax Club Parisien (ACP) apply.

2- To enter SVS, a successfully completed brevet series (200-300-400-600km) in the same year is required. Any missing distance can be replaced by a 1000 km or 1200+ brevet completed in the past two seasons.

3- We have two groups of participants.

3a) The Green group can make use of 3 fix overnight controls with booked hotel beds + dinner and breakfast vouchers + 6 day controls with meal vouchers. Unused meal vouchers can be refunded after the finish at 75% rate. Bags will be transported to every overnight control. These riders shall bear in mind the manned opening hours of the control points. These riders must finish within the 90 hours time limit.

3b) Riders intending to go faster will form a Red group. They will choose on their own where to eat and sleep, helped by a list of suggested facilities. Sleeping facilities provided for the Green group can be used if they have spare capacity. Riders from the Red group shall bear in mind the working hours of the facilities on the route. These riders must finish within the 80 hours time limit.

  1. Inscription

1- Entry fee is set to

100 EUR / 195 BGN (Green group) and to 46 EUR / 90 BGN (Red group).

Entry fee includes:

Hotel Booking at start-final

Prologue Party and Post-Ride Party

RM Medal & Homologation

SVS Cup & Souvenirs

SVS movie & photos

Technical Support on the road (Green group prioritarily)

3 Sleeping Facilities (Green group only)

Bag Drop Service at 3 sleeping CPs (Green group only)

11 Meal vouchers (Green group only):

(3 õ 5 BGN dinner + 3 x 3 BGN breakfast + 5 x 5 BGN lunch)

Entry fee does not include:

SVS Jersey

Drinks and meal above the vouchers value

2- Entry fee can be paid during Brevet Week Nobel (BWN) or at SVS registration

3- Early payment of the entry fee will result in guest preferences realized by the organizer while booking for you hotel room at the start-final for the days before and after the ride.

4- Early payment of the entry fee will guarantee you will get SVS jerseys exactly as ordered.

5- SVS jerseys must be ordered not later than May 16. Payment of ordered jerseys can happen at registration.

6- In order to get inscribed with “OK” status into the preliminary starting list it is enough to communicate your traveling plan.

7- Detailed travel plans are also required in the case SVS organizers will assist participants in arranging airport transfers and/or hotel booking before the start.

8- Åntry fee will be reduced by 15% for riders with four successful finishes during Brevet Week Nobel, if it is paid after the last BWN finale on May 29th.

9- Preliminary on-line inscription:

III. Registration

1- Registration, bike inspection, technical conference, and bag-drop will take place on the day before the start: Thursday, June 23, in accordance with a timely announced program and schedule.

2- Bike inspection: Each bike must be functional and equipped with superior headlights and taillights. A dual headlight system or spare bulb is required, and a solid red taillight. Riders may use a flashing taillight in addition to the steady light.

3- Additional requirements for strong headlights remain. Information about planned light systems is required in the entry form, and headlights inspection will be carried out during bike check.

4- Helmets are not required by the Traffic Law, but are compulsory for events supported by the Bulgarian Tourist Federation. So, riders can not be disqualified, but some minimal penalty may apply.

5- Reflective vests are compulsory at night and in low visibility conditions.

  1. Riding

1- SVS must be completed in 90 hours for the Green group and in 80 hours for the Red group. The 90 or 80 hours rule is applied with the opening and closing time of control points based on the formula developed by the ACP and used for Paris-Brest-Paris.

2- Each rider from the Green group must check in and check out of every overnight and daily food control point and get his/her SVS Control card signed and stamped as indicated. For the Red group it is allowed taking a receipt or photo (with site name, date and time) instead of stamp.

3- No follow vehicles are allowed. Support vehicles must follow an alternate route and provide help at control points only. Support vehicles on the rider route will result in rider penalties. Multiple infractions of this rule result in rider disqualification.

4- Support crews are permitted to support the rider at control points only.

5- Riders may only accept mechanical assistance from the SVS Staff on the SVS route. Riders may accept other support at control points only.

6- Each rider must comply with lighting requirements and reflective material rules for riding at night and in low light conditions.

7- Riders may receive 1-hour or 2-hour penalties for violation of these rules. Repeated violation of the same rule will be followed by disqualification.

8- If a rider abandons, he/she is responsible to notify SVS staff by calling the 24-Hour Emergency Telephone number printed on the SVS Control Card.

9- Riders who abandon are responsible to find their own transportation back to the start.

10- Successful finishers will receive medals, and according to long-established tradition, all participants will take special remembrance awards during the post-ride party in the evening of the last SVS day.

GPS Tracks:




Varna – Villa Maria     

Partly hilly



Madara, Restaurant

Partly hilly


Isperih, Tourist Hostel

Partly hilly


Arbanasi, Restaurant



Pavel banya, Guest House



Koprivshtitsa, Restaurant



Momin prohod, Restaurant

Pretty flat


Mirkovo, Hotel St. Ivan Rilski



Kalofer, Panorama restaurant

Partly hilly


Nova Zagora OMV - info

Pretty flat


Final: Sliven, Hotel Toma

Pretty flat


SVS'2012 Comments:


Noel McNamara, Ireland

I must also say that I thought that the organisation of 2012 was excellent and very supportive all the way.  I have been recommending it to many people that I have met over the summer.


Klaus Prüger, Germany

Many thanks again for all I got from you in Bulgaria, especially for the great SVS Tour.


Jan Erik Jensen, Sweden

Thanks again for showing me your great country! 


SVS'2010 Comments:


Ernesto Berzacola, Italy

07/07/2010 20:44

All of us Italians are very satisfied with this experience, especially for your hospitality and kindness (I had no doubt ...) and thank you heartily.

John Barkman, UK

13/07/2010 19:04

Just wanted to say thank you very much for such a great and memorable SVS this year! It certainly was challenging and I really enjoyed it! As usual, everyone was very friendly, and the controllers feel like family now! I thought the organisation was excellent and the event went really well!


Paul Vlasveld, USA

19/07/2010 21:31

I would like to thank you and your volunteers for organizing such a challenging and dare I say it fun event.


Carlo Orsenigo, Italy

28/07/2010 16:03

Compliments for the organization of the S-V-S 2010, also to all the staff for their kindness, generosity and care to the controls. The foods and drinks were very good. Bulgaria has different regions and it has a beautiful landscape. The streets are not always in good condition but a randonneer is able to face these troubles. Thanks for this fantastic randonnee and I hope to meet you again in the future.


Ferdinand Jung, Austria

27/08/2010 18:06

Yes, the controllers and volunteers are very, very helpful. It was a wonderful brevet. Some roads are very dangerous. We had a very good ligths.

SVS'2009 Comments and Reports:

George Hanna, UK

Thanks for the controllers names, which I will include in the article I have in mind for Arrivee - the AUK club magazine. They all did a fantastic job, and it was a pleasure to do the ride. Arduous at times, but a pleasure.

Here is the finished version of the article:


Knut Kollbach, Germany

I have a small written report on SVS and on the homepage of my club released: